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This textbook is intended for undergraduate courses in Earth history. It was written by Callan Bentley, Karen Layou, Russ Kohrs, Shelley Jaye, Matt Affolter, and Brian Ricketts. It is a work in progress.


What is Historical Geology?

A Brief History of Earth

Earth as a System

Earth Materials – The Rock Forming Minerals

Earth Materials – Rocks

Plate Tectonics

Geologic time

Evolution Part I: The Theory

          Taphonomy: The Science of Death and Decay

Innovations of Life Through Time: Life Finds a Way

Mass extinctions
[NEW  as of December 2022]

Stratigraphy – The Pages of Earth’s Past

Using sedimentary structures to interpret ancient environments
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Case studies:

Nebular theory and the formation of the solar system

Earth’s oldest rocks

          Greenstone belts: primordial tectonics

Starting tectonics and making the first continents

Snowball Earth glaciations


Discovering plate tectonics

The Grenville Orogeny & the rifting of Rodinia

Tippecanoe Sequence: A sequence stratigraphic view

The Taconian Orogeny

California’s Coast Ranges: a Mesozoic accretionary wedge complex

The mixed-up quartzites of Cape Agulhas

Palimpsest outcrops

Extremadura: interpreting a geological cross-section

Diversity in the marine fossil record

Reptile radiation

Dinosaur classification

Dino Debates – dinosaur ecological controversies

Western Mesozoic orogenies

San Andreas Fault & the Basin and Range

The Parallel “Roads” of Glen Roy
[NEW  as of November 2022]

The Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington
[NEW  as of November 2022]

The interplay of carbon & oxygen cycles in Earth history
[NEW  as of January 2023]

Quaternary Quandaries: defining the geologic “now” and explorations of the Anthropocene

          Human Evolution

Additional case studies in the works (coming soon):

Big Bang

Crust formation & evolution & differentiation

Moon forming impact

Ocean formation & evolution

Atmosphere formation & evolution, oxygenation

Origin of life

A history of fossil plants

Sauk/early Paleozoic transgression

The Acadian Orogeny

The Alleghanian Orogeny

Large igneous provinces / Flood basalts

Pleistocene “Ice Ages”

Epicontinental seas – Pz, Mz, Cz

Carboniferous coal & natural gas – cyclothems


Tools of the trade:

Earth Materials – Mineral identification

Evolution Part II: Paleontological applications

Sequence stratigraphy

Geologic structures

Geologic maps

Way-up structures

Virtual field experiences (VFEs):

Fossil correlation

Glaciers, glaciated landscapes, and glacial sediments

Glacier National Park, Montana

The Geodetic Hills Fossil Forests: Unraveling a Paleoclimate Puzzle

Massanutten Synclinorium, Virginia

The Moho (crust/mantle boundary)

A Plate Boundary Odyssey

Siccar Point, Scotland

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Stromatolite diversity in the Belcher Islands

Modern & ancient microbialites in Western Australia

Corridor H, West Virginia

Virtual sample sets (VSSs):


3D mineral samples, set 1
[NEW  as of January 2023]

Igneous rocks

Igneous supplementary set

Sedimentary rocks

Metamorphic rocks

3D rock samples, set 1

Primary sedimentary structures

Sediment samples

Relative dating

Tectonic structures


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