VSS: Primary sedimentary structures

Part I: Outcrops

Here are 9 outcrops of rocks that show sedimentary structures of some kind. Thoroughly explore each scene to determine which sedimentary structures are present. (1) Identify them, and then (2) interpret them [i.e., (a) how they formed, (b) what they reveal about geopetal “up” direction or current direction].

Outcrop 1:

Outcrop 2:

Outcrop 3:

Outcrop 4:

Outcrop 5:

Outcrop 6:

Outcrop 7:

Outcrop 8:

Outcrop 9:

Part II: Hand samples

Examine these 19 samples of rock showing various sedimentary structures and: (a) identify them and (b) interpret them.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:
(Note: The little black curled lines here are the shells of small arthopods –shrimplike creatures– called ostracodes. Consider these hemispherical structures as sedimentary particles, as you would grains of sand.)

Sample 4:

Sample 5:

Sample 6:

Sample 7:

Sample 8:

Sample 9:

Sample 10:

Sample 11: (FYI, the little dash-shaped features that mainly run from left to right are gypsum casts)

Sample 12:

Sample 13:

Sample 14:

Sample 15:

Sample 16:

Sample 17:

Sample 18:

Sample 19:

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